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Who am I?

I am Taryn Nightingale - lover of life and a big believer in the truth that we were all created uniquely, with our very own vibrational frequency, purpose and path that is meant to bring us the perfect life-fulfillment we each desire.


I started my awakening journey in my mid-20s when I was first introduced to my shadow and long-held beliefs that led me to a very toxic relationship. After overcoming that and making the choice for a better life my path eventually led me to study and gain my international accreditation as an Energy Healer at The School of Intuition and Healing. I work as a psychic and tarot reader as well, but both these aspects of my work also have a healing tone to it.


My purpose is to facilitate the process that helps people help themselves by doing things I love and that make me feel more like me. You deserve to feel more like you too!

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  • Process past hurts and experiences

  • Feel and release trapped emotions

  • Clear outdated perceptions and beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Elevate your consciousness and increase your self-awareness 

  • Increase your vitality and energy levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Make better decisions regarding what is uniquely right for you in your life

  • Discover who you are on a deeper level

  • Improve your relationships (personal and professional)

  • Cultivate greater self-love, acceptance and understanding

…all ultimately enhancing your experience of your life

Important Things to Note
About Energy Healing


Supportive Treatment

Energy healing is not an alternative to traditional medicine, but can assist the treatment of most medical, physical, psychological and emotional health conditions.

I'm a healer

I am not a doctor or psychologist and will, if appropriate, refer you to a suitably experienced practitioner if there is something I am not qualified to assist you with.

You're in control

I facilitate and guide you through your healing process, but ultimately how much benefit you get from the treatment will be your responsibility.

Massive Personal Growth

I’ve experienced massive growth in my own healing journey - my perception of myself and body changed, and I'm better at handling challenges. I’ve aligned with people and experiences much more suited to my authentic self. The same is available to you.

Safe Space

Sessions are confidential and I will not share your private information unless required by law, with your consent or in the case of public interest. My approach is non-judgmental, compassionate. and truthful.


1.) How does a session look, what typically happens and how long is a session? 

Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour long. Usually we spend some time consulting and then depending on what you need to work on I’ll suggest a modality, unless you have something specific you’d like to try. Healing is done on a healing bed(similar to a massage bed) or a chair, depending on the circumstances. Read about the modalities I use here.


2.) Who can energy healing help?

Energy healing can literally help anyone from someone who is just wanting to learn more about themselves, to someone who is undergoing medical treatment who wants additional support to someone who wants to work through some past wounding including someone who’d like complementary treatment for a psychological or emotional condition. Children and adults are welcome. 


4.) Where do sessions take place?

Sessions can be done in-person or remotely. When done remotely, this is online via GoogleMeet.


5.) Do I need to prepare anything before I attend? What should I do before the session?

There is no need to prepare anything. But I will ask you about your previous medical history and any prescribed medications for your client records. I suggest clients come with an idea of what they would like to work on, but to allow their process to unfold organically as each person’s energy healing journey is different. Dress comfortably. 

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Healing Services

For more information on the energy healing services I offer, please click the below button.

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