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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is the practice of restoring the optimal flow of Universal Life Force energy within the energetic structures of the body. It is done to promote self-healing and/or bring a sense of peace and well-being within the individual.

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  • Process past hurts and experiences

  • Feel and release trapped emotions

  • Clear outdated perceptions and beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Elevate your consciousness and increase your self-awareness 

  • Increase your vitality and energy levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Make better decisions regarding what is uniquely right for you in your life

  • Discover who you are on a deeper level

  • Improve your relationships (personal and professional)

  • Cultivate greater self-love, acceptance and understanding

…all ultimately enhancing your experience of your life

Energy Healing Services

Image by Valeriia Kogan

Aura Clearing and Healing 

- brighten and lighten your energy

The aura is the energetic system surrounding your body and has several layers, each dealing with a specific aspect of your consciousness.


A weak aura can:

  • Result in you feeling drained, 

  • affect your decision-making

  • negatively impact your ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries. 

  • and It can cause you to be more susceptible to not only illnesses but also the influence of others.


By clearing the four main levels of the aura (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual) you will experience:


  1. increased vitality and focus,

  2. clarity of being,

  3. better boundaries,

  4. and a stronger immune system.

Image by Steffi Pereira

Healing Through the

Chakra System 

- embody more of your authentic energy

The chakras (meaning wheel in Sanskrit) are energy centres that, similarly to the layers of your aura, govern various facets of your life.


Each chakra is also related to specific body parts. Chakras provide subtle energy that helps your organs, mind, and intellect work at their best level.


When the energy of the chakras are unbalanced they are often described as overactive or deficient. Through healing and balancing your chakras you’ll see an improvement in the various areas each chakra governs.

Here are some keywords representing each chakra:

  • Root = stability, family, survival, financial security

  • Sacral = emotions, pleasure, sexuality, creativity

  • Solar = power, transformation, self-will

  • Heart = relationships, forgiveness, trust

  • Throat = communication, self-expression, voice

  • Third eye = intuitive wisdom, decision-making

  • Crown = ultimate truth, awareness, source


Image by Stephanie Harvey

Soul Retrieval

- reclaim lost parts of yourself & feel wholly you

Sometimes an event can be so painful that aspects of our consciousness get stuck in a particular time and space.


Through soul retrieval we reclaim these parts and reintroduce and reintegrate them into your consciousness enabling greater personal and life fulfillment.


Soul retrieval is excellent for those wanting to improve their self concept.

Image by Angèle Kamp

Interactive Healing

- an active modality cultivating deeper self-trust

This modality works using a combination of energy healing modalities and your active participation to work on and heal an issue present in your life or body.


These issues can range from working through a psychic attack (someone else sending you negativity), to clearing old issues and implementing new more positive energies to support you.

Cactus Field

Ancestral Healing

- heal and elevate inherited patterns for a brighter future

Sometimes wounds in your lineage cause unhealthy and/or limiting patterns, beliefs, behaviours and perceptions - these can be unconscious or conscious.


Through ancestral healing we not only heal the past but change the way your and your bloodline’s future is likely to play out.

Arizona Golden Barrels

Cord-cutting and Cord Healing

- sever unhealthy attachments to build healthy connection

Through our experiences with people, places, and things, we form attachments and connections that appear energetically as cords. These cords can be unhealthy or healthy.


Through cord-cutting and cord healing we identify which unhealthy cords need to be cut and which cords may need healing. This process can be very liberating, especially if you are in a toxic dynamic.


Cord-cutting can have a positive dramatic effect on your relationships and your sense of well-being.

Image by Tahlia Doyle

Healing Meditations

- find calm and learn to ground and attune

Healing Meditations are an impactful method to utilize your own consciousness for healing and self- awareness.


This is a great modality especially if you are open to finding out how to use these for yourself and learning simple energy management techniques such as grounding, attunement and protection.


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