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How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading

7 aspects you control in a psychic reading that will improve the accuracy of your reading

I’ve been reading tarot for 14 years.

I’ve not only received many different psychic and tarot readings since I was a teenager but it’s been my passion to analyze and test the accuracy of the readings I’ve received. As a result, I know a thing or two about how psychic readings work and what will ensure your best guidance as the querent/sitter (someone receiving a reading).

The way I approach receiving a reading now versus how I used to 15 years ago is dramatically different. I used to be an exceptionally skeptical sitter. I gave as little information as possible to the psychic reading me. I wanted them to prove they were legitimate and not simply giving some generic advice based on my situation.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with having this perspective and I believe people must make their own choices - I’m not here to convince anyone. But I will say, there are things I know now that would have helped me get the most out of a reading instead of me just using my money and time to test the psychic. (But lucky for you, ‘cause now you don't have to go through the trouble I did).

Below are seven aspects of a psychic reading that you as querent CAN control which will help you get the most accurate reading possible.


Are you happy or sad? Holding on to someone else’s emotions? Did you have a good day?

Because a psychic reading involves you and aspects of your life — YOU and thus your ENERGY influence how the reading plays out. Your energy refers to the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical state you are in when you enter a reading.

Your energy affects how you RECEIVE the information delivered to you, but also what the reader ends up reading and delivering guidance/messages on.

So essentially, if you are feeling upset after a breakup versus elated over a job promotion this will reflect in your reading. And, if you’ve absorbed other people’s energy all day and haven't cleared your aura, this energy will also show up in your reading. Although an accurate, skilled and experienced psychic would be able to pick up on this, being wary of whether someone else's energy is affecting your perspective will help you have a better reading, but also teach you how to lead your life more effectively.

Furthermore, your emotional or psychological state will influence how you interpret things. Say you ask a psychic whether your ex will come back to you after a breakup and you receive this response: “Your ex doesn't know whether they want to come back or not, they are currently still weighing up the pros and cons of your past relationship.” Consider how your mood would influence how this information impacts you. If you’re in an upset mood, you could interpret this response as “No they’re not coming back” whereas someone in a more peaceful state could take it to mean “There is still hope”.

Why does your energy, thus also your perspective, matter in a reading?

Because you are a co-creator of your reality, your attitude and your perspective on things play a massive role in HOW you experience your life and the choices you make. For example, using the two ways of interpreting the messages above, the first person could, based on their perspective, send their ex a text afterwards saying “I know it’s over, you’ve never been able to make up your mind about me, just let it be, I don’t want anything anymore from you.” Whereas Person B, feeling more optimistic about the situation is more likely to text “Hey, so wanna grab a coffee and talk things through? I feel it could help us have a better relationship going forward, whatever that could be.”

I’m sure you can see - both these hypothetical people received the SAME message yet their individual emotional and psychological states had vastly different effects on their actions AFTER the reading.

Remember, reality is shaping according to the here and now, and your free will is part of how that reality shifts and changes. So what you hear in a psychic reading is what you hear, but what is more important than the reading is what YOU DO WITH that information.


Are you testing the psychic? Want clear answers?

Intention is powerful. It is one of the simplest yet most powerful energetic practices anyone can use. Intention helps you direct your energy, which in turn helps you direct your life. A good psychic reader will also use the power of their intention to direct a reading. I use the intention of channeling the highest guidance for the sitter and that the messages I deliver are for the highest good of all parties involved.

I always ask clients to come prepared not only with the questions they’d like answered but also with an intention for their reading. If they like, neither of these things need to be shared with me.

Now the questions you want answered/need guidance on are not the same as your intention. Your intention is the overarching focus of a reading. For example: You come for a reading on your love life and guidance around that. You could have the same questions but different intentions. One intention could be “I want clarity on which path will bring me the most happiness ultimately” versus an intention of “please give me guidance on what I most need to know now”.

These different intentions would shift and change how the information is delivered to you by the psychic. Sometimes you might not know what a suitable intention is. In such a case I recommend you look at your value system and craft an intention from there or ask for your highest and most empowering guidance.

Skeptical Sitters - when you test the psychic

I’ve had many readings where I intended to test the psychic and that was exactly what my reading became about. Think of it yourself, if you are approaching a reading as a test where you’re the moderator and the psychic the test subject, what kind of energetic dynamic would that set up? The psychic is still a human and also susceptible to your influence (depending on how well they manage their energy) and will feel this. And if they allow this to influence them, even if they are a talented and gifted psychic, it can affect the accuracy of the reading.


Clearer questions get clearer answers

I cannot tell you how often people come with cloudy, general questions. “Tell me about my love life,” they say. If I don’t ask for clarification and just channel their highest guidance in that area of their life, they could end up with an answer they don’t like.

Maybe I end up telling them about what they need to heal in their love life - cause that ends up being their highest guidance - but they wanted to know whether the hot guy on Bumble is worth pursuing.

Chances are - you’re not going to be a happy client if I don't speak to your question. So be specific and ask clear questions.

I’ve had clients who’ve argued that I’m psychic and I'm supposed to know what they want to ask. This is a nonsense attitude and there’ll be psychics who will waste yours, theirs and spirit’s time wading through messy energy to give you answers, but this is dumb because you’re ultimately limiting yourself of clarity. Where you could’ve gotten 45 minutes of clear answers speaking to clear questions, you get 30 minutes of psychic games with only 15 minutes of guidance. I don't waste my energy, your guides or my guides’ time and I will ask you to clarify your questions as much as possible.


Truth versus your ego wishes

Image by on Freepik

So many people come to a psychic ‘cause they just wanna hear what they wanna hear. If you’re coming to a psychic for them to confirm your illusions about a job, relationship or other situation, then that is not a psychic reading. That is you getting someone to read what you wish to hear and then just spew it back at you for money. That is a psychic mind game and I don’t play those. I’ve seen it happen, it does happen. I value integrity, so I won’t be doing that in a reading.

Getting stuck on one answer - dangerous thought loops

I’ve also seen 100s of clients come for a reading, receive solid helpful guidance and then get stuck on the answer around one question and then let that determine the outcome of their entire reading.

For example: A woman asks me whether her husband is open to reconciling. We look at several aspects affecting the situation, including his current psychological state, her work situation, and the physical distance between them. All these things showed improvement from a previous reading, demonstrating a favourable outcome.

Instead, the client got stuck on an answer to one question - whether her ex would come to see her in two weeks. The cards showed it was unlikely. And because this one tiny answer did not match what she wanted to hear, her mind was hooked on this idea and she couldn't see the wood for the trees, no matter how I tried to clarify it to her.

A few weeks later she came back for another reading, this time she was more receptive (she had better energy and a clearer intention) and she recognised she’d gotten stuck on one idea during our previous session. Everything played out as discussed and things improved between her and her husband despite him not seeing her when she expected.

This is where an intention is very important. The truth is: you won't always hear what you want to hear in a reading. But when you work with a strong, positive intention, you will more likely be attracted to a psychic who matches that intention and will deliver messages that are in alignment with said intention.


What's your body saying? Any insights coming to you?

I always encourage my clients to pay attention to their body cues, intuition and insights they personally receive during a reading.

If you’re working with a skilled psychic and they have good energy management, they’ll connect to a particular frequency - that of intuition, higher perspective, and divine guidance. And because they are doing that, they open up a portal for you to tap into those aspects of yourself too. Because you’re consciously engaging in a specific kind of energy, more of that energy is available to you. It works much in the same way that if you want to be super fit, you train with super fit people. Or that if you want to learn about business, you surround yourself with people who run successful businesses.

So during your psychic reading, you'll more easily sense and feel your own knowing in your body which results in a reading with more depth. Similarly, your body and intuition will give you clues on whether the information the psychic is delivering is true for you (and it needs to be because your reading is always about you). Furthermore, when you listen to your body and intuition you’ll also be tuned in and feel when you need to ask your psychic clarifying questions or mention a detail that would help a reading make sense when (seemingly) complex or odd messages come through.

But are you right?

There will be instances where a psychic says something which triggers you or causes resistance in you. This can happen when you’re receiving guidance on something you don’t want to face or heal but would be beneficial for your growth. These moments must be remembered. Your task is to figure out whether what you heard was something true versus something your mind or ego wants to avoid or block out. Being able to discern the difference takes practice, which is where my second last tip is useful.


Psychic readings are not only about answers. They are also about guidance. And they can provide deep healing. A psychic reading can help you navigate and understand your journey, not just spiritually, but as a human and all the facets of humanness that come from that. They can be a doorway to a lot of learning and insight, so save the information you receive in a reading.

I cannot tell you how many times I have received a reading and something was said to me that:

a.) had one meaning at the moment, but the meaning morphed and evolved to give more depth to my understanding of my experience

b.) didn't make sense at all, but made sense later on

c.) was very random, but then became a signifier or guide post on the topic addressed and/or a seemingly unrelated situation after the reading

d.) opened up a conversation within myself that I needed to have or a deeper reflection that helped me make better choices after journaling about it.

This all applies to you too, so remember to record the messages including words or phrases, images and ideas that stood out for you during a reading. Additionally, you can journal on anything that comes to mind afterwards.

Also, doing this helps you build a better connection with your intuition, because now, the thing that didn't make sense or resonate with your mind during a reading, actually does later, and now you can reflect on which part of you doubted or questioned the information. Was it your body or your mind, or was it something else, like your trauma? This helps you understand and decipher your body cues much better and will ultimately increase your intuitive abilities in your daily life.


There are so many parts - here's some...

Many people unconsciously think when they’re having a psychic reading they are speaking to God. And that the psychic is holding every single bit of information that ever existed and will exist in their minds at that moment.

Now, I wouldn’t be able to give you all the information on how psychic readings work exactly, given I am but a human. But I can share what I have learned from my experience and what I have been taught by my spiritual mentors and teachers.

In simple terms, a good psychic is connecting with either your guides, angels or source to give you genuinely helpful guidance on your situation. Sometimes this guidance can come from your guides, but I prefer to connect with source/God and channel information from there.

There are also specific universal laws at play here, which an ethical psychic will respect. One of them is not breaking or violating the privacy of another human just because someone is nosey and wants to know what someone else is up to. Karma exists and there are consequences for such actions - and that includes the psychic, as well as the person asking.

For me, I always connect with what I am allowed to know and share for the highest good of all involved and no more.

Other bits and bobs that affect the feel and experience of your reading:

What type of reader are you seeing?

The type of reader you see for a reading makes a big difference. Speaking to a medium versus a tarot reader versus a pure psychic not only changes the type of information you receive but also changes the focus of the reading.

Each reader uses their tools and extra-sensory gifts in their way.

Tarot readings are great for psychological analysis and show patterns, themes and dynamics often beyond your awareness influencing the issue you enquire about. Psychics can either connect with someone else’s energy or focus on connecting with your guides or source.

When I read, I use both tarot and my psychic ability (in the form of clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience) to do a reading. However, I also do purely channelled higher guidance readings connecting with your guides and source as these often give a high frequency reading without the influence of the perspective of tarot.

A medium traditionally uses their extra-sensory gifts to connect with those who have died or crossed over.

Which modalities/senses is your reader using?

The type of divination tools your reader uses also gives a different flavour and perspective. If they read palms or runes or even the type of tarot deck they use — these all add dimension and colour to the reading.

Trust who you are drawn to for a reading

THIS! This is something I learned later in my life. If I get a psychic reading now, I use the intention that I will be guided to the right person. I need to feel a resonance with someone when they do a reading for me - and this can help you too.

If something just doesn't click when you are in contact with or get introduced to a reader, trust this, even if the person is super talented and comes highly recommended. There could be many reasons you and this reader don't click, including timing, maybe the way they deliver messages doesn’t reach you, and a host of other factors.

But also, be sure it’s you truly feeling that you DON’T resonate with a particular reader versus your mind or external influences causing you to doubt getting a psychic reading. If you feel it in your gut and it feels right - go for it!


Ultimately, a psychic reading is like any experience in life - it’s a dance. So there’s you, who you’re dancing with, and the music. I hope this helped. If you feel like this post has enriched your understanding in some way you can:

a.) Connect with me for a reading or healing session, or you can email me at

b.) Share this post on social media or with someone who you think would benefit from it.

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